RV Flight Bag

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Our RV Flight Bag was designed to fit behind the pilots and co-pilots seat of the RV-6/7/9/10. It fits over the flap actuator bar and makes maximum use of the area behind your seat.  This keeps the CG as far forward as possible and maximizes remaining cargo space. The RV Flight Bag is 18 inches high and 12.5 inches wide. It has a very large main cargo area easily accessible with a large zipper flap.  There are two side pockets, one 10" x 4 " and a 7" x  5.5” map pocket. The rear side of the bag has a pencil/flashlight/fuel tester pocket, a 10 inch x 7 inch headset pocket, and a 6”x 5 ¼” pocket for small tools. The material and zippers are heavy duty and will last a long time. The bag is made of durable Cordura and is resistant to liquids.  It has a nice carrying handle and comes with two straps that can be attached to your seat back to clip the bag to minimize movement.  Also comes with a removable shoulder strap. It’s a nice way to clean up the cargo area and looks great too.

Comes in black, gray, or tan.