Bison Sidekick

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The Bison Sidekick was specifically designed as a complement to the Jeppesen Airside Services program now being used at many different airlines.

(Distance varies by airline and fleet type. Southwest Airlines pilots available space was 7.5 inches)

Bison Sidekick Features

- Material: Cordura

- Double stitched, with long lasting heavy duty zippers

- Six compartments total

- Three main compartments

- One holds your required company binder, with extra room for sunglass cases and misc items

- Second main compartment is 2.5 in wide and made to carry the FFDO weapon and clip holder and/or headset (Bose or equivalent size). Plenty of room for other stuff also (food/books/manuals/etc).

- Third main compartment designed for either the iPad or small laptops. Also can be used for sunshades (we sell those too), captains atlas, or anything that is 8.5 x 11. - The two outside compartments (iPad and FFDO weapon) are padded.

- There is a fourth compartment on the front of the bag, 6.5 in tall by 8.5 in wide that will fit smaller type headsets or all of your other stuff.

- A fifth thin pocket on the back of the bag is perfect for your day planner, log book, pens, pencils, etc.   Also includes a clear plastic business card holder for identification.  


The bag can be carried by the carry handle, slid over your roller bag, or carried by a removable shoulder strap. The bag is also designed to fit inside our Apex Summit backpack that several of our pilots are using so that you only have to have two bags, your roller bag and your backpack. Once in your aircraft you pull the small airside compatible bag from the pack to set by your seat and stow the pack somewhere else. If you travel light, this might be all that you need.  


Available in Black.

Black Leather available by special order for $145.00. Please contact us for more information.


Sidekick description: 8.5 in wide, 6.5 in deep, and 11 in tall.


Need a bit bigger Sidekick? Check out the Bison Sidekick II.  It might be just what you are looking for.